An exceptionally creative problem solver with the technical knowledge and skills necessary to find the holes that need to be plugged in your software before they spring a leak. As a child, I spent countless hours using Legos™ to build crazy contraptions with only my imagination to guide me before promptly destroying and rebuilding them in a better way. By the time I graduated high school, I had expanded my creative skills beyond plastic brick construction by taking courses in programming, video editing, graphic design and web design. Thanks to years of performing level one user support and software testing with remote team members for multiple applications, I am adept at crafting software quality assurance by combining the product owner’s wants and the user’s needs.


Conceptual thinker. Thanks to my studies in web design, graphic design, digital photography and video editing, it is easy for me to visualize and understand software requirements. Given input from daily SCRUM meetings, acceptance criteria, team chats and emails, I regularly utilize this ability to test what the product owner actually wants, rather than what may or may not be present in a design mock up. This is backed by years of using tools such as JIRA and CA Agile to read, understand and estimate workloads for various software requirements in both a Waterfall and an Agile development environment.

Singular focus. I set aside any pieces that aren’t relevant to the task at hand and return to them when the time is right. Whether it is spending a couple of days perfecting a SQL query so I can run a test status report with a single click, building a custom tool in JavaScript to help with data creation, or writing custom scripts in Java for Selenium Web Driver, I pursue my goal with all of my focus and energy until it is done correctly.

Breaks apart the whole. When designing test scenarios, I break down the software to its individual parts and figure out which pieces fit together. This allows me to spot structural weaknesses before they are constructed in order to build test cases that will push the product to the breaking point. Time and time again I have used HP Quality Center and SOAPUI as both a user acceptance tester and an Agile trained quality assurance analyst to perform black box functional software testing and complex data creation tasks.

Puts the pieces back together. Once I have finished smashing your software to bits, I own all of my defects until they have been fixed. Through previous retail and call center experience handling customer requests, as well as years of collegiate study in Japanese, I am able to effectively communicate testing progress and defect importance to both my local and remote colleagues and leadership. Once I sign off that my test cases and defects are complete, you can be sure your software has been rebuilt brick by brick with a more stable foundation so it can weather the storm that is the user base without crashing.